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[13 Oct 2004|04:05pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Time Heals All Wounds

I like this one. what do ya'll think.

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[12 Oct 2004|09:27am]
[ mood | artistic ]

Here is the artwork I forgot to upload.

isn't it a cute cup. lol

I call this piece: Bordom at Bob's.

Any opinions.

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Finally a change in senery [17 Sep 2004|04:15pm]
I finally changed the background to this LJ. It now looks prettiful. It's discworld themed. That is all. much luv=P~~~~
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Time for a sad pic [25 Aug 2004|09:37pm]
This is a sad pic I drew.

Tell Me I Was Dreaming

Kinda based on the Travis Tritt song. Comments?

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You'll like this one [17 Aug 2004|09:43pm]
I made this one yesterday.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

i know it looks like the Ashly as i drew her before but remember all I have at work are pen, pencil and red sharpie. Although if you want it to be Ash then go ahead. I don't mind. It could be ash or it could just be the entity of all who pray. lol
I hope you like it. Give some comments. much luv=P~~~~

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REPOST TIME [14 Aug 2004|04:14pm]
I just noticed I made a post in lncwby instead of this one a few days ago so I'm reposting it here but I'm not resetting the counter. I'm lazy. LOL

I got inspired by Kelli and her getting Jenny (867-5309) stuck in my head. there are 2 versions. the one I drew on a piece of cardboard and then the same one after editing on a computer to look like it was carved on a wall. which to ya'll like better.


computer edit

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Three new pictures. [11 Aug 2004|09:10pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Last night I drew these 2 pictures on food bags at work then I did the hair and the heart at home were I had different colors and then I added effects on the computer.
The titles of the drawings are right below then and bolded

Tattered Heart

How Do I Tell Her I Love Her

I can't explain why I drew these 2 they just came out of the pen. I had no reason behind then they just came out.

Today I drew a picture and it reminded me of Ashly. I drew it on cardboard. I added text to it that I thought she would like. Maybe she'll post it in her user info.

Ms. Happy Go Lucky

what do ya'll think of them?

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Alice on cardboard [10 Aug 2004|04:44pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I gor bored at work so I pulled out my pen and drew this picture on a box of chips at work.

It's a mural of Alice Cooper. You have normal Alice and then the original makeup design he used only on his second album Love It To Death and On The Eyes of Alice Cooper. Of course the snake has to be there. I like it. It was very fun and made time go by fast. So what do ya'll think? Comment damn it. LOL much luv=P~~~~

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Guess a little bordom can go a long way. [17 Jul 2004|07:25pm]
[ mood | artisitcally bored ]

Okay, everyone was buzy today. So all I really had to do was draw and write in my personal diary. Here are the three pictures I drew.

Inner Glow

I Should Tell You

I Tried To Cut You Out Of My Life And Look What Happened

I know the last one is very depressing. I don't know why I drew any of these I just did. Bordom can do strange things.
Anyway what are your comments on each picture? I want more than just one person giving me their opinion too. I want everyone who reads this to give me their opinion. I like knowing what people think of my work. Okay, I'm gonna update the normal journal. much luv=P~~~~

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A poem [08 Jul 2004|08:13pm]
[ mood | okay ]

This poem was writenby by me about me and Gabriel Ortiz. I wrote it the first year he and I wern't in school together (the seventh grade) because he went to Abell and I went to Alamo.

The Warrior And The Pauper

I saw a friend the other day,
Our friendship began a long way
He was the only friend I was to know.

He would protect me,
And never let it be.

In fact that's problem came many years ago
When the only thing he saw was blood in his eyes.
He was distraught from all the villain's lies.

The battle began us against them,
And I was the first to fall
In this bloody ball.

But, my friend, he won the bone,
For he was the greatest warrior ever known.

The other day was the firsts time I saw him
In years I count a score.
And I am weak, sick and doing poor.

But he,
He is the king of Athens

So What to ya'll think.

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I is boreded [07 Jul 2004|01:05pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I was looking through old stuff and found a story I wrote for Comunications Applications my Junior year. My teacher was Mr. Timms. You'll like this it's funny. And it's what showed Timms I could act. So here it is.Collapse )

Now I can say I honestly updated this thing. Anyway give my your opinions.

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[17 Jun 2004|09:05am]
scarsonmyarm is secretly married to a horse!
airplaneguy85 and little_swan used to live together but little_swan moved out when they saw airplaneguy85 making out with phossed!
mshappygolucky keeps a hamster for nefarious purposes!
phossed has thighs like tree trunks, and airplaneguy85 knows it well...
little_swan once kept phossed locked up in their basement for eight months.
phossed knows *just* how long to hold them down for.

Enter your username to dish the dirt on your friends!

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My final Engish Essay [28 Apr 2004|07:28pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I had to write my final English Essay over what i would do if I only had one month left to live and I got very unique with it. It's behind the lj-cut. Note that i removed certain names for privacy reasons.

My essayCollapse )

Yes it's sad but I wrote it as if i where actually dieing and I thought "What would I be thinking if this actuall happened and this is what came out". Oh and no i'm not dieing in a month so don't worry. Although opinions on my orinality will be greatly appericated.

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Broken [15 Apr 2004|06:46pm]
New cartoony tooon right click and download.
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New LJ icon [10 Apr 2004|05:14pm]
[ mood | silly ]

This is one from a pick Bee sent me. It was about her comment that her alergy mendicine was radioactive. heheheh

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Here's an animation for you [09 Apr 2004|04:51pm]
I'm bored so I made this animation. Turn up the speaker to listen. Oh and yes you have to download it.
click here

Much luv =P~~~~
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It's story time [03 Apr 2004|10:47pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Okay here's a play for you're consumption.
Warning the fact that I've consumed no sugar to day is the reason for this!!!!


Him: At Last I have the Trix.

kids: Silly Rabbit Trix are for Kid...Say You're not the rabbit! you're (bumbumbum) SATAN!!!!

Him: Hehehe thats right and now i shall have you're Trix. give them to me

kids: Ahh No *pumble* oww *hurt*the horror*bitch slap* Mommy*cause pain* ahh!*die*

Him: Hehehe- What the box is empty *looks over across the road at more kids*

Kids: Yay! Lucky Charms!

Him: Well...blimey. Hehehe *in his satanic Irish voice* Well, you know they're magically delicioussssss.


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*Sigh* [18 Mar 2004|07:35pm]
Okay, You want it you got it. First ones a song. I wrote it a few years ago. I don't really like it much but someone else might. The second is a poem.

I can, I will, I doCollapse )

The Fools Heart Withered ManifestoCollapse )
Much luv =P~~~~
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[08 Mar 2004|09:13pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Okay it's been a while since I updated this thing. I have many a picture too. I want comments on at least one of the two I post today. Now I know what you're saying Yeah RightCollapse )

And I say yeah I want a comment. Please.

Oh and this is for all you dreamers out there Dreaming of a DreamCollapse )

Much luv =P~~~~~~~

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New Picture YAY! [11 Feb 2004|07:25pm]
This New Pic is called I've Got a SecretCollapse )
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My mended heart [02 Feb 2004|09:41pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

This Picture is called "My Mened Heart" I made 2 versions of it though. Tell me which you like better:

My Mended Heart Version 1Collapse )

My Mended Heart Version 2Collapse )

I better get opinions on this one!

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I was bored so i made icons [01 Feb 2004|09:36am]
[ mood | bored ]

Raidskull and Devildoll icon:

Misc. Icons

If ya feel like using one post a comment letting me know.

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drawing for a reason. [30 Jan 2004|06:18pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Well this morning I read my friends LJ. When I saw what one of them said. It made me sad for them. So i drew this. I call it Isolation.
isolationCollapse )

hope you like it.

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[29 Jan 2004|08:42pm]
Okay, new picture. Hope you like it.
new picCollapse )
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Here's a new one [28 Jan 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Here's a new picture. I hope you like it.
And because Cassie demanded it. I put it in an LJ-cut
so my new pictureCollapse )

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